CuraDebt has the advantage of being a well-known name among debt consolidation firms. This service has been around since 1996, which is much longer than almost any comparable debt relief service. As with most businesses that deal with credit card debt, this company's prices and features vary by state. Regrettably, CuraDebt does not operate in these 11 states: Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, North Dakota, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin. We like the features that this debt consolidation service has at hand, but it is a serious inconvenience if you live in one of the states in which this service doesn't operate.

With CuraDebt, you have the option to enter flexible payment schedules. Based on how much you owe, you can tell this company how much you are able to pay each month toward the principle and the new interest rate it is able to get for you. A helpful aspect of this service is that the company will detail what is required for you to get out of debt completely in five to six years, which is a standard length of time. Clients of CuraDebt have full visibility of the progress they're making towards debt freedom on the company's secure website.

Although CuraDebt provides a great service for helping you get out of debt, you may be turned off by its website. Getting into a debt consolidation program is a serious issue that requires a lot of research to find the service that best fits your situation. Instead of providing you with credit counseling and debt advice, CuraDebt immediately asks for your personal information so that it can provide you with a free quote.

CuraDebt offers little in the way of credit counseling. Nevertheless, there is a user forum you can use to ask questions and a monthly newsletter with financial information. The user forum also takes the place of FAQs. We found that these services tend to promote debt settlement programs more than actually offering credit counseling information. Thankfully, CuraDebt can be found on various social media sites, which is the most immediate way to get a response from the company.

CuraDebt Summary:

CuraDebt's orientation toward debt management as a preferable alternative to debt settlement, when at all possible, is clear. However, if you're in a situation in which you need to cut your debts in half or you will not be able to repay them at all, CuraDebt's services can help you.



CuraDebt allows you to create a flexible payment schedule.

This service is not available in 11 states.

The Verdict:

CuraDebt is an established brand for finding debt relief, but its settlement options are stronger than its consolidation support.